Department of Movement Disorders


The Clinic of Movement Disorders has two departments with 16 hospital beds for each neurological department.

First neurological department for Parkinson`s Disease and Second neurological department for Multiple Sclerosis.

In the clinic are performed:

  • consultative, diagnostic and treatment activities, supervision of the patients focused basically to the patients with movement, degenerative and demyelinating diseases, peripheral nervous system disorders and others.
  • preventive activities.
  • in the clinic are performed on a high professional level all modern diagnostic tests (EMG (electromyography) EEG (electroencephalogram), visual and auditory evoked potentials, SPECT, Doppler sonography)
  • ongoing clinical trials for treatment of Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson`s Disease.
  • expertise of the working capacity
  • sanitizing for patients
  • active supervision of patients
  • education of students and specialists
  • educational and scientific activities
  • conducts and issues medical documentation, connected to the activity of the clinic.
Team:::First Department of Parkinson`s Disease
Team:::Second Department of Multiple Sclerosis
Assistant prof. Sonya Ivanova Hristova-Chakmakova, M.D. +359 2/9702 205
Dr. Antonia Murgova +359 2/9702 202
Dr. Stefan Raykov Nanov +359 2/9702 206
Dr. Kristian Yodranov +359 2/9702 206

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