Neurological Clinic for Children


Pediatric Neurology clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of 1 to 18 years old children with neurological diseases: Various clinical forms of epilepsy, degenerative, genetic, and inflammatory diseases in central and peripheral nervous system, neuromuscular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, children with cerebral palsy, headache etc.

The clinic has a total of 30 beds and ability to examine the children suffering from neurological diseases with video-EEG monitoring, EMG, evoked potentials, otoneurological, neuroimaging, psychological and biochemical tests.

National Center for neuromuscular diseases

The National Center for neuromuscular diseases was established upon Decision No.162/14.07.2003 of the Management of the Ministry of Health on functional basis. In accordance with the work organization of the Centre was created a register of neuromuscular disorders starting in childhood and treated at the clinic such as:

  • progressive muscular dystrophy;
  • hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy;
  • spinal Muscular Atrophy;
  • myotonia;
  • paramyotonia;
  • paroxysmal myoplegia;
  • congenital myopathy;
  • myasthhenia.

The clinic works in cooperation with other units of MHATNP "St. Naum", as well as with a number of medical institutions, part of Faculty of Medicine - Sofia, and the Bulgarian Neuromuscular Diseases Association - BNDA.

The National Center for Neuromuscular diseases performs the following activities:

  • Early diagnosis of the disease and conducting of medical genetic testing in order to prevent the childbirth of other diseased children in the family.
  • Preparation of individual treatment plan for each patient for performing physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures, medication therapy as well as specifying the deadlines for check-ups.
  • Preparation of interim medical reports for the district WCAC (Work Capability Assessment Commissions) for determination of disability level and assurance of social welfare and free medical care that is rightly theirs.

The National center for neuromuscular diseases accepts diseased children from any health facility in the country.

Prof. Dr. Veneta Bozhinova, Doctor of Medicine: +359 2/9702 243
Dr. Elena Slavkova: +359 2/9702 247
Dr. Daniela Deneva: +359 2/9702 247
Dr. Elena Rodopska: +359 2/9702 245
Dr. Veselina Stoyanova: +359 2/9702 245

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