First psychiatry clinic


The clinic is specialized generaly in the treatment of acute psychoses, affective disorders, psychotic exacerbations and psychosocial break in schizophrenic disorders, delusional disorders; crises whose treatment requires temporary isolation; acute stress and PTSD; abnormal illness behavior (somatic and hypochondriac patients); patients with Ego-dystonic sexual dysfunction; patients with personality disorders (not antisocial); abstinence syndromes in dependencies (with appropriate exclusion criteria); comorbidity between alcohol dependence and other psychiatric disorders.

In addition to active treatment the clinic launched activity of resocialization and prophylaxis against recurrence ensuring continuity in their continuance with referral to other hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Along with the direct medical activity priority is the diagnostic clarification of complicated cases, and the specification of maintenance therapy in outpatient treatment (assessment of effectiveness and assessment of side effects).

Expert labor services are also offered for patients with psychiatric disorders that require invalidization. The usage of unique equipment (cranio-corpo-graphy) and implementation of original methodology, approved and patented as inventions in the most developed countries of the world contribute for the effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic activity.

The clinic has a total of 30 beds in two wards.


Daytime stationary

Prof. Dr. Sv. Haralanov, Doctor of Medicine - +359 2/9702 251
Dr. Georgi Slaveykov - +359 2/9702 252
Dr. Krasimira Marcheva - 02/9702 252
Nurses: +359 2/ 9702 258

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