Department of Nerve Disorders for Paroxysmal States


The Clinic of nerve disorders for paroxysmal states was founded in 2010.

It consists of two departments: First Neurological Department for Autonomic Nervous System Disorders and Second Department for Epilepsy, which was opened in 1951.

It is the only specialized neurological clinic in the country that makes a diagnostic and treatment of vegetative disorders, epilepsy and other neurological attacks, occurring with/without disturbances of consciousness: orthostatic hypotension, neurogenic syncope, vestibular syndromes and others.

In the clinic are diagnosed and treated also patients with peripheral nerve system disorders - radiculitis, plexitis, polyneuropathy, with aches in the back and disc neuralgia, with different forms of headache, with atypical facial pain, neuralgia, neuritis, chronic vessel diseases of the nervous system, hereditary and degenerative neurological diseases and dementias.

The doctors in the clinic posses different research methods in the neurology: Doppler sonography, routine and with functional testing, electroencephalography, diagnostics of the autonomic nervous system: heart rate variability and blood pressure, tilt table orthostatic test, cooling test and others.

Team:::First Neurological Department for Autonomic Nervous System Disorders
Team:::Second Department of Epilepsy
Assoc. Prof. Ivo Raichev, Doctor of Medicine - +359 2/ 9702 230
Chief assistant Dr. Petar Damyanov - +359 2/9702 211
Dr. Nino Chaushev, Doctor of Medicine - +359 2/9702 212
Dr. Greta Angelova, MD - +359 2/9702 213
Chief assistant Dr. Rumiana Kuzmanova - +359 2/9702 216
Dr. Irina Vaneva, Doctor of Medicine - +359 2/9702 217
Dr. Diyana Trichkova - +359 2/9702 227

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