Department of Intensive Treatment of Nervous System Disorders


The clinic for intensive treatment of nervous system disorders of MHATNP "St. Naum" EAD - Sofia has a third level of competence for treatment of urgent neurological conditions of adults.

The clinic for intensive treatment of nervous system disorders is a unique part of the hospital in which patients with severe neurological diseases and acute respiratory failure (acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy /Guillain-Barre syndrome type/, severe myasthenic crisis, prolonged epileptic seizures, etc.)can receive treatment by continuous artificial pulmonary ventilation.

The clinic offers an opportunity for prolonged monitoring of the vital functions, including electroencephalography of the central and peripheral nervous system disorders. Within the territory of the clinic the patients have the unique opportunity to do all types of medical tests in neurology, as well as to be treated by the relevant specialists officially certified in electroencephalography, electromyography, polysomnography, Doppler sonography. These opportunities provide the ability for full completion of the diagnostic-treatment process of practically all emergency and scheduled patients in the clinic.

The clinic has 9 bed for reanimation with monitors and breathing and respiratory equipment, neurological beds and the relevant specialists in neurology and anesthesiology. Medical examinations of sleep disorders are conducted in the clinic. Examinations of sleep disorders are conducted in the clinic as well as diagnosing and treatment of patients from all over the country suffering from sleep and wake disorders, nocturnal epilepsy, narcolepsy, etc. The clinic is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and highly trained specialists educated in the country and abroad.

The clinic has a polysomnography and polygraph device, capability for CPAP and BiPAP titration and treatment of all types of sleep and wake disorders.

Thanks to its highly qualified speciaslists and modern equipment the clinic is a major diagnostic, therapeutic, training and methodological center in Bulgaria regarding the intensive treatment of nervous system diseases and sleep medicine.

Team:::Department of Nervous System Disorders for Treatment of Insults
Team:::Intensive care Unit
Phone: +359 2 9702 221
Georgi Stoilov, MD +359 2 9702 221
Emergency room: +359 2 9702 130
  1. 24-hour emergency medical care for severe neurological diseases
  2. Emergency medical care of psychiatric patients - from 2:00pm to 8:00am

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