Multiprofile hospital for active treatment in neurology and psychiatry «St. Naum». Accredited university hospital


Specialized emergency department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Child Neurology
+359 2/9702 130

    Doctor on duty (neurological diseases): +359 2/9702 131

  1. 14.00÷08.00 emergency medical services (psychiatric patients).
  2. Doctor on duty (psychiatric patients): +359 2/9702 132

Registry: +359 2/9702 121

Tel. exchange: +359 (2) 9702 300
+359 (2) 9702 222
+359 886 766 068

Information: +359 2/9702 117

Clinical trials

In the hospital MHATNP “St. Naum” are held clinical researches in the field of neurology and psychiatry. The people who wish to participate in a clinical research can receive more detailed information by contacting us at telephone number:
+359 2/ 9702 149.
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Authorization for carry out medical activities
Authorization for carry out medical activities


Dystonia Expert Center
 Dystonia Expert Center
Rare Diseases Expert Center (Huntington Chorea)
Rare Diseases Expert Center
Diagnosing TB in the 21st century
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Map of the hospital area

1, Louben Roussev str. Sofia 1113 BULGARIA

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