Assoc. Prof. Nickolay Lazarov Topalov, MD, PhD

Medical University Sofia 1993
Medical licensure:
Board certified:
in neurology - 2000
in radiology - 2007
Ph. D. Degree:
Thesis - "Epidemiological research of multiple sclerosis in Bulgaria", 2000, Medical University Sofia
Professional qualification:
Board certified in neurology and radiology
Current position:
Chief doctor of neuroradiology department in University hospital of neurology and psychiatry "St. Naum", associate professor in Chair of neurology to Medical University Sofia.
Member of the:
  • Bulgarian society of neurology;
  • Bulgarian society of headache and pain;
  • Bulgarian society of neurorehabilitation;
  • Bulgarian association of movement disorders;
  • Bulgarian association of multiple sclerosis;
  • European association of neuroradiology;
  • European association of radiology.
Professional and scientific affilations:
multiple sclerosis, movement disorders
Proffesional experience:
Experience in clinical practice, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders. Experience in neuroradiology and pediatric neuroradiology (incl . MRI and CT).
English and French

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