Assoc. prof. Ivo Radoslavov Raychev, MD, PhD

School of Medicine, University of Sofia - 1974
Medical licensure:
1974 - M.D. Degree
Board certified:
in neurology - 1979
In Medical University Sofia - Nervous Diseases;
Anaesthesiology and Resusutitation (basic course - eligible);
In Italy - Nuclear Medicine (eligible)
Ph.D. Degree:
Thesis: "Clinical and paraclinical investigations in TIAs"
Professional qualifications:
Experience in clinical practice, cerebrovascular diseases, pain, headache, Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, SPECT.
Current position:
Head of Neurological Clinic for Pain and Neurorehabilitation, University Hospital "St. Naum", Sofia
Professional experience:
38 years neurologist in University Hospital, Medical University - Sofia
Professional affiliations:
Member of the Bulgarian Neurological Association;
Bulgarian Society "Dementia";
Bulgarian Headache Society;
European Federation of Neurological Societies;
North American Cervicogenic Headache Society;
American Diabetic Society.
Scientific affiliations:
Mainly in the field of pain, headaches, dementias, cerebrovascular diseases, SPECT.
  • 115 scientific publications
  • 2 monographs, 5 Handbooks of Neurology
English , Russian, German

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